An adventure of my life time!


When I was in Mt Rainier area days ago (post #191, #120, #122), I heard from a couple of people about a ski area south of Mt Rainier. So “White Pass Ski Area” was in my mind when I left Manson and was on my way to Mt St Helen (a five hours drive).

However, before I reached White Pass, I was “stuck” by fascinating rocks along the way. The stretch about 20 miles west of Yakima on Highway 12 is filled with captivating rocky slopes and cliffs. As a person who loves rocks so much, I had to stop, even it wasn’t my original plan.

When I parked at Bear Canyon Trail Head, there was a couple picking up acorns (I am always very curious about what other people picking in the wild). The lady was really nice and friendly. She told me information about the trail so I started hiking. Half an hour later, though, I had to turn back. Even though the scenery was marvelous, it was freezing cold in the canyon without any sunlight.

“There is a better trail, not far from here.” The same lady gave me more insight. So I drove about 5 miles backwards, just to hike “the better trail”. Indeed, it was a more comfortable trail being in the warm sunlight. I hiked, took pictures, and had my lunch sitting on a rock, under the brilliant sunlight.

Without seeing anyone else in the area, I met the same “Acorn” couple again, twice. They parked their car further away on the other entrance of the trail. Obviously, we had to talk more.

One thing I found out was the lady also loved mushrooms! Too bad it was a little too late for mushrooms; otherwise she would show me which ones are eatable! I also shared with “mushroom lady” about how abundant mushrooms were in Alaska. “If you know which ones to pick, you can easily make enough money to cover your gas.” Too bad I didn’t know the trick and I didn’t know which ones to pick. If I knew, I would love to pick mushrooms along the way to cover my gas expenses. 🙂

After seeing all the rocky cliffs, I was inspired by “rocks” so I “detoured” once again to “Rimrock Lake”. It is yet another great area that I wish I had more time to spend there.

By the time I left Rimrock Lake, it was getting dark and I had no time to go to White Pass as I planned to (drove by). However, I was happy and content about the “detour”. Rimrock and Rimrock Lake are so worthy of my “diversion”.














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Comments on: "130. “Detour” Caused by Rim Rocks" (4)

  1. Xiaoying Yin said:

    I like the last one with some color between the tree and the 3rd one from bottom.
    A rock (or small piece of land) in the middle of a small pound of water. Like man made

  2. Every time I see those plants growing out of rocks, I marvel at their vitality!

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