An adventure of my life time!

132. Power of Nature


The deer incident (last post) did make a dent on my car, but it didn’t stop me from going to Mt St Helens or having fun there. In fact, feeling extremely lucky, my spirit was actually exceedingly high. Happiness isn’t hard to come back – something better than I expected actually made me very happy. 🙂

Mt St Helens National Monument is an extraordinary area! There, I was taken aback by the power and force of nature. The 1980’s eruption blew away the whole north face of the mountain top and left the surrounding once-lush-forest so barren and tree-less. One look of the blue lake filled with white tree trucks took my breath away!

I hiked from early morning till late afternoon, feeling the mighty force of nature, taking in everything around me, being grateful to be able to witness such rare sights. Needless to say, not every day one would see something so extraordinary. I was in awe, all the time!

The only bad part, if I am allowed to be “picky” (lol), is the trails I hiked are all on the north side of Mt St Helens. Even the mountain is right in front of me, so did the sun! The sunlight shone from east, south, and west of the mountain, never shone from the north. I am sorry to say that I don’t have any good picture of the St Helens itself, even I stood right in front of the mountain. I had more pictures of the surrounding areas than the main attraction. 🙂












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Comments on: "132. Power of Nature" (7)

  1. Do you plan to visit Crater Lake in Oregon? It is magnificent, and, in June, when I was there many years ago, in the distance are snow-capped smooth mountains.
    Keep safe.

  2. Xiaoying Yin said:

    It seems that there is not many tree

  3. Nature is indeed powerful! I love the pictures with the mountains capped with snow—without it, as in the 4th picture from the bottom, the scenery looks as if it is from outer space.

    • The snow capped mountain is Mt Adams in the distance. Before the eruption, Mt St Helens used to be a snow capped mountain just like Mt Adams. It is funny that when I saw a picture of snow capped mountain, I asked where to see such a mountain. The park ranger smiled and said “you are more than 30 years late.” It was a picture taken before the eruption! 🙂

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