An adventure of my life time!


The Columbia River is the largest river in the Pacific Northwest region of North America. On the east side of Vancouver (Washington State), it forms most of the border between Washington and Oregon. With the river running in the middle and tall mountains on both sides, it is a very scenic stretch with a number of State Parks, State and National Scenic Areas on either sides of the river.

Just to post a few pictures I took along the way. It is funny that when I saw the rocky slopes and mountains, I took a hike almost 8 miles, without knowing much (Dog Mountain Trail). As someone loves rocks, I was hoping to see the jagged rocks that I saw from the side of the road as in the pictures. Instead, most what I went through was forest with several lookouts of the river below. But I didn’t want to turn back – the more I hiked, the more I was curious to find what was on top. It is still a nice hike (Mt St Helens can be seen in the distance once on top of the mountain) and certainly a good workout (2800 feet elevation gain). 🙂







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Comments on: "133. A Good Workout for Almost no Picture" (2)

  1. I like the last picture. Mountain and water are a good pair :).

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