An adventure of my life time!


I have seen Mt Adams, in the distance, from different directions, a number of times before I went to the mountain. It was always pretty clear, even in the distance, on the day I went to it.  However, as you probably guess it, once I was close enough to the mountain, it disappeared into the clouds! Only once in a while, it would reveal itself, for a small part, from the clouds!

I was particularly disappointed when I hiked up Sleeping Beauty Peak. From that, if it was clear, Mt Adams should be right in front of me! The hike wasn’t long (1.6 miles one way), but it was late in the afternoon and it was getting cold. There was no one around. So, I waited only a few minutes before I headed down.

Guess what? The mountain top reappeared, right after I hiked down! I could see it even through the dense forest. What a wrong timing? It certainly wasn’t on my side. 🙂 Oh well, I wasn’t going to hike up again. And probably, if I did, the mountain would disappear after I got there.

So I hurried to a lake which I went to just hours ago. I knew, only for a short drive and short walk; I would be right in front of the mountain there. All along the way, I pleaded to Mt Adams, “please, wait for me! Stay out of the clouds!” Well, my luck seemed to change. 🙂 I did see Mt Adams right in front of my face, without much cloud obscured it. Happy, happy! 🙂









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Comments on: "134. “Hide and Seek” with Mt Adams" (2)

  1. Xiaoying Yin said:

    I like the last photo with sun shine

    • traveling-girl said:

      Sunset pictures are usually very nice. Waiting at the right place and at the right time isn’t always easy. 🙂

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