An adventure of my life time!


By now, you probably know I am a “mountain girl”. Water doesn’t excite me too much. I thought about it many times before, but I still don’t know exactly why mountains and rocks excite me so much. Mostly, I guess, is because there are so many “faces” of mountains and rocks. Sometimes, even within a very short hike, you could see so many different sights of a mountain.

Ocean, on the other hand, seems a little boring. It is great, but after one glance, you see pretty much the same sight. For that reason, I didn’t plan to go the coast of Oregon. I have been to the coast of Washington and California. Although some parts of Washington coast are amazing, I wasn’t so interested in seeing another coast.

Then during my trip, I kept on hearing people praising about the Oregon Coast. “It is like no other!” I was intrigued. So I decided to check it out on my own. Well, I am glad I had such strong curiosity. 🙂 Oregon Coast is truly like no other. It is truly amazingly beautiful. I ended up spending almost three days driving and hiking along the coast.

There are so many State Park and National Recreation Sites along the way that I can’t remember them all. I will split this in three parts by the name of towns I went by. Part one: Lincoln City to Newport; part two: Newport to Gold Beach; part three: Golden Beach to California border.







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Comments on: "136. Oregon Beaches, Like no Other (1)" (4)

  1. Xiaoying Yin said:

    I like the title photo and the sunset with sea bird.
    Do some art work and polish, you can send them out for some competition.

    • Don’t laugh at me – I am actually very busy! Driving, hiking, taking pictures, blogging, planning for the next day… I will think about things like competition once I am settling down. 🙂

  2. The Oregon coast is indeed very pretty. It does not seem to have beaches but instead lots of rocks, which is probably why you like it.

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