An adventure of my life time!


I turned inland, after Oregon Coast. California Coast is nice, but I have seen it, more than once. Mountains are still more attractive to me.

After staying the night at Yreka, instead of driving on Interstate-5, the busy highway, I decided to take a back country road (CA-3). In this way, I would go through Trinity National Forest.

Well, it turned out to be a very long… route. The road goes up and down, changing thousands of feet, several times along the way. After a while, I actually regretted taking this long, windy, up and down road. The scenery isn’t even beautiful since other than trees and more trees, you don’t see much.

Half way through, the road was blocked! There was a terrible accident – a huge truck turned over on a steep hill, blocking both lanes. We were told that it would take from 2 to 8 hours to clear up the road! Now what could I do? One choice was to go all the way back on the road I didn’t even like driving. Or, the second choice was to wait. After debating for a short time, I decided to wait. I wasn’t in any hurry to go anywhere. All I had to do was to reach a place with a cheap motel by the end of the day. It was only around noon at the time so I had plenty of time.

And indeed I had a lot of time. I wasn’t going to sit around wasting it. So, I turned around, drove a short distance and found a place to hike.

Even before the road block, I tried to find a place to hike. However, with the Ranger Stations close, I had no place to ask for any hiking info. All the side roads towards the Trinity National Forest are unpaved! I really didn’t like to drive on steep, windy dirt road without knowing anything about it.

Well, now that I had to stop and wait, I parked my car in front of the closed Ranger Station and took off. From the map, I knew Trinity Lake shouldn’t be too far away and I was right about it.   The water level of Trinity Lake dropped so much that it actually created a special scenery – the dried up bank around the lake looked like man-make “terrace”. I was pretty happy hiking around the edge of the lake for several hours.

When I went back on the road, the truck was still there, but the road was open, single lane. Later on, on a different stretch, I saw yet another car accident! It is indeed a pretty dangerous road.

When I finally reached Shasta Lake, smokes of wildfire were visible in the northern sky around Mt Shasta! If you look carefully, you can see the smokes in some of the pictures.

What a day for disaster: man-made and wild. Lucky they only had small impact on me (This was about 3 weeks ago. I am way behind posting!).




(Mt Shasta in the “smoky” sky)




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Comments on: "139. A Long… Back Country Road!" (2)

  1. Xiaoying Yin said:

    I like the last photo.
    It is during sun-setting time?

    • Yes, it is sunset. I love the lighting during sunset! However, it really lasts for very short time. You are lucky if you are at the right time and the right place, at once. 🙂

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