An adventure of my life time!


I have been to Las Vegas a number of times. Unlike most people being there, each time when I was there, I was there for the natural beauties around the area. I am happy to report that I have never gambled in my life. Just never believe I would be the “lucky one” and I truly don’t want to be the “unlucky one”. 🙂

Mt Charleston is my first stop since I missed it in my previous visits. Last time I was there, it snowed too much that it needed four wheel drives to go there.

Located about 35 miles northwest of downtown Las Vegas, at 11,916 feet, Mt Charleston is the highest mountain in Southern Nevada and the eighth highest mountain peak in the states. It is a year-round getaway, with a number of hiking trails and a modest ski area. The mountain is snow-capped more than half the year, which is hard to believe. Las Vegas always seems so hot and dry!

After hiking in the area for a whole day, I really understand the cooler temperature in the mountain region. In the day time, it was probably in the 60s. I was sweaty and hot. However, as soon as the sun went down, the temperature dropped so quickly. I could see my breath fogging up my camera! And my hands felt cold pretty soon. When I reached my car, it was close to freezing!







DSC04620 - 副本

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