An adventure of my life time!


While the scenery inside of Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area is fabulous, the landscape outside of the park on Calico Basin Rd is no less spectacular. In fact, if you don’t have a National Park Pass like me and you are not willing to pay $7 fee for a short visit, the trails along Calico Basin Rd is a pretty good choice.

The particular trail I hiked on this day started from a large parking lot on the left of the road shortly after Red Rock Spring.

It was sunny with few clouds in the morning when I started my day. But the rain was in the forecast. “It is just forecast. It hardly ever rains here.” A park ranger stated firmed when I asked him about the weather the day before. “It is a desert!”

Well, he was wrong! It did rain and rained pretty heavy. I truly wished for sun light at the moment it started raining – I just reached a place full of colorful rocks with stripes. It would make a world difference with or without sunlight. Oh well, I was lucky to be there. Perhaps, it meant that I should be there again in the future to take pictures of those adorable rocks. 🙂









(I was surprised to find Indian Paintbrush still blooming so beautifully!)


Comments on: "157. Red Rock Canyon (3): Calico Basin" (4)

  1. What a lovely flower!
    I know if I were at the site, I would marvel at the grand scenery of the “rocks” and probably ignore this tiny flower. But your picture let her stand out nicely :).

  2. Of course I love the grand view. But paying attention to flowers, even the tiniest ones, have become a habit ever since I started taking picture of flowers for mom. I am very grateful to the “habit”. It allows me to notice beauty, even in places you don’t normally consider to find it.
    By the way, Indian Paintbrush is one of my favorite wildflowers, especially in the summer when there are fields of them. This particular flower, though, took me by surprise — it is in the winter and it stood there alone! I haven’t seen another Indian Paintbrush for the few days I was there.

    • I saw lots of Indian paintbrush flowers in Alaska. They appeared in the whole field and were truly spectacular. By the way, I thought this one in your picture has a slightly lighter color than those I saw before.

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