An adventure of my life time!


Cedar Break National Monument isn’t too far from Zion. I have been there before, in the summer. This time, I was hoping to visit it in the winter.

However, I didn’t know it is closed in the winter until I got there. Since there are two entrances, once I found out one was closed, I drove to the other, hoping I would be luckier. Yet, it was closed as well. The only way in, if I had to do, is to walk on a snow packed road.

So I did, for more than a couple of hours. Still, I couldn’t see much other than the first two pictures I post below. At least I tried and I did see it before in warmer season. It is a very unique area, similar to Bryce Canyon National Park (I will post about it soon). That is why I was hoping to hike there again.

On my way back, though, I stopped at a rocky area. To this day, I don’t know whether there is a specific name for the place, but it is on UT-143, just few miles north of Brian Head Ski Area. As you can see from the rest of the pictures here, there are lots of tall, strange shaped rocks.

As a fan of rocks, I had to stop and to explore, even without information. I walked around for more than a couple of hours, totally amazed by the bizarre looking rocks. At times, I felt like I was on another rocky planet, especially with no one or any man-made things around. Totally amazing! I am so glad I stopped there, a place without a name.












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Comments on: "164. Cedar Break National Monument and Beyond" (2)

  1. On our trip to UT, we found some amazing rocks/mountains just on the roadside. I don’t think these places had a name but they look just beautiful (or even more beautiful) than some seen in the national/state parks. People living in UT are very lucky, thought I could help thinking that they may think those are ordinary things and the scenery in other places are breathtaking :).

    • I agree with you. Some of the places without a specific name are as beautiful as the famous parks. We just need to keep our eyes open to look for them.

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