An adventure of my life time!


Kodachrome Basin is a stunning State Park only about 25 miles away from Bryce Canyon National Park. Probably for this same reason, not many people visit this state park, me included. Although I have been to Bryce several times, only during this trip, I was able to venture into this lesser known state park.

I have got to say first, don’t judge this park based on my pictures here! It was such a foggy, cloudy day that I don’t have a single good shot. In fact, I debated whether I should post it without any good photo. Obviously I made up my mind – I am telling you, rather than showing you that it is an astonishing place which truly worth your attention and definitely will make you in awe if you get a chance to be there. With all the odd rock formations (67 monolithic stone spires), it is a place will make you feel you are on another planet, certainly I did.

Also, if you are looking for solitude, most likely you will find it there. The day I visited, I didn’t see another human being, not while I hiked more than 10 miles there, not even in the parking lot! No one, absolute no one was there. I guess, I was a little “crazy” to hike at temperature below 20. 🙂 It was so cold that I only felt a little warmer when I was close to finish the hike after several hours. Amazing place, though, well worth to brave the cold!





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Comments on: "167. Amazing Kodachrome Basin State Park!" (2)

  1. This place is amazing! The fog gives some of the pictures a mysterious looking.

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