An adventure of my life time!


Red rocks here,

Crimson rocks there,

Colorful rocks everywhere,

Standing tall, with pride, and proud,

Is this Mars?

Or am I on another planet similar?

I kept my eyes closed,

Trying to savior the unearthly splendor,

Wishing the dream will last longer,

Then, I heard the soothing sound of running water,

Where did I stumble on a creek so clear, I wonder?

Now I remember,

It is right outside, where air is fresher,

I open my eyes right away, in a hurry

Taking in the sight of Cathedral Rock, with hunger,

He is right there,

Just outside of the window,

Standing by my side,

That is why I slept so soundly –

I am in the arms of Sedona,

A magic land filled with colorful rocks, my love!

If you can call this is a poem, this is my second one. The very first one “came” to me when I was in Girdwood, Alaska (post #69). At the time I posted it, I asked whether you thought it was a poem. Thank God you guys were so kind and encouraging!

Here I am, in Sedona, Arizona.

I have been here before, twice, but each only stayed a couple of days. The red rocks left such a strong impression that on my way back home to North Carolina I decided to stay in Sedona for a while – a few months! In this way, I could see red rocks, my favorite everyday!

Indeed I can see red rocks, everyday, without even leaving my room! From Craigslist, I rent a room in a house. The first time I saw the place, even though it is tiny, I fell in love! The view is spectacular – Cathedral Rock, one of the most photographed land marks of Sedona, is standing right outside of the glass-sliding door! The title picture was taken right from my back yard.

So, the following posts will be, mostly, about Sedona. You can be certain that I will hike every trail I can manage here – there are more than 300 miles of trails, I was told. 🙂










PS. my photo website:


Comments on: "174. Sedona (1): In the Arms of Sedona!" (4)

  1. Bertie Boston said:

    You must be in heaven, Ching! Love the photos and I’m glad you are doing so well 🙂

  2. Xiaoying Yin said:

    Gorgeous view!

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