An adventure of my life time!


Besides the spectacular scenery, Sedona also has perfect weather for outdoor lovers, or at least in this winter. I have been here for three months now, except one downpour and a couple of showers, it was mostly sunny! Day time temperature was around 50-70 for the whole winter! I have been able to hike almost every day.

One day when I hiked Thunder Mountain trail, it started raining. I didn’t turn back since I could see the Sun was trying to peek out from behind the clouds. It would be pretty, if the Sun shone on the red against the dark blue sky. I kept on hiking, and “prayed” for sunshine, at least for a moment. Well, my wish was granted – the Sun did break out, just for several minutes, enough for me to snap a few good pictures! I was really happy, even though I was pretty wet when I reached my car in the end. 🙂 Although everyday in Sedona was a good day, this was an excellent stormy day.










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