An adventure of my life time!


After being in Sedona and hiking on my own for more than two months, I decided to check out hiking groups around the area. I am, after all, a very sociable person. 🙂 Besides, you learn hidden gems from locals.

One of such treasures I found out is the Full Moon Drum Circle. Once a month, at the night of full Moon, people gather at Cathedral Rock playing drums. I have heard about the drum circle before, but never got detailed information until I asked the right person. Lark, an organizer of a Meetup hiking group, happened to know the info I wanted. And she actually set up an event after I asked her! The minute after I received the email, I signed up. 🙂

It turned out to be as magic as I imagined!

Cathedral Rock is an amazing place. The hike up the saddle requires a bit scrambling. But the view is breathtaking. I have hiked up on my own before; it was equally fun with a group of like-minded people.

After the hike, we sat around, had our picnic dinner, waiting for the Moon to rise. Boy, the full Moon was bright, and huge! I was fascinated! With the music from the drum circle and the Cathedral Rock towering behind us, I certainly felt the spirit, and the magic of the special land and the night of a full Moon!

I didn’t have a drum, but believe me, I had as much fun as anyone there. With the soothing and soulful music, I danced, and danced the night away.

So this was Drum Circle at Cathedral Rock: breathtaking scenery; mesmerizing full Moon and enchanting music from the drums! Life is good! So good!













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Comments on: "177. Sedona (4): Full Moon Drum Circle" (4)

  1. Love these pictures, especially the title picture!

  2. Xiaoying Yin said:

    Wish you find this group earlier.

    • I actually joined the local hiking groups once I got here. But I felt I needed time to explore on my own first. For one thing, it is easier to take good pictures when you are alone. It takes time to find a right angle, and it requires certain hours – either very early in the morning or late in the afternoon. With a group, most hikes are done in the middle of the day – not good for photography.

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