An adventure of my life time!


Sedona is really a hiker’s heaven—there are more than 300 miles of trails! Or so as I was told. The trails arrange from a couple of miles, to many, many miles. And if you like, you can also link different trails to make them as long as you want!

So far, all the trails I hiked are good, only some are better than others. However, one thing I found interesting is certain trails seem a lot more popular than others; those well-liked ones are not necessarily more scenic than the unpopular trails. To this date, I still don’t understand the reason behind it.

For example, Long Canyon is one of those less popular trails. I have hiked there twice, once on my own and the second time with a small group of people. It was in the afternoon when I hiked alone. During the 7.5 miles round trip, the only hikers I met were a couple! It was morning when I hiked with the group. We only met two runners! And I, the girl from North Carolina, was the “guide” of our group. 🙂 It seems strange that such a wonderful place only has very few to visit.

Well, I am such curious. It doesn’t affect me in anyway. In fact, I actually like the quietness. Solitude and seclusion is one of the things I love about and look for in the wilderness.














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Comments on: "179. Sedona (6): Secluded Long Canyon" (2)

  1. I guess trails are like people: some are good-looking and popular while others are equally good-looking yet quiet and shy :).

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