An adventure of my life time!

I have been asked so many times as which trail in Sedona is my favorite. It is such a simple question, yet so hard to answer! I can list so many trails that I love dearly, but I am afraid to label one as my favorite—I have many favorites. 🙂  All I can do here is to post some pictures from different trails and let you be the judge.
Brins Mesa Trail is about 3.6 miles one way. There are a few other trails connected to it so that you can make different loops, longer or shorter. The main Brins Mesa Trail is surrounded by spectacular mountains, colorful cliffs and stunning buttes. Sunset is my favorite time to be there.











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Comments on: "182. Sedona (9): Beautiful Brins Mesa Trail" (2)

  1. Xing, how much longer will you be in Sedona? I might be going up there Easter weekend, to hike and camp with my daughter; I’d love to see you if we can work it out. you think you’ll be passing through Albuquerque on your way back to NC? (Or, are you becoming a western gal who stays out here? 🙂 Let me know, via my email
    Keep those great blogs coming! – Leslie

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