An adventure of my life time!


Another trip I took with a hiking group is Petrified Forest National Park (a couple of months ago). I have been to this national park once before. This time, I went with four other hikers—three ladies and one man.

Named for its large deposits of petrified wood, this park is best known for globally significant Late Triassic fossils. Two hundred million years ago, tall trees covered much of this area in northeast Arizona. But volcanic lava destroyed the lush forest, and the remains were embedded into sediment comprised of volcanic ash. Erosion set those logs free millions of years later, revealing the petrified woods, made mostly of colorful quartz.

It is amazing to see the beauty of those colorful rock-like woods, but it is also stunning to witness such rare glimpse of change of nature.

Personally, this trip also allowed me to make good friends. We kept in touch, hiking more in the group or just with one another. I am amazed, time after time, how friendly hikers are. Everywhere I went I have met friendly hikers—I have hiking buddies back in North Carolina, in China, and now in Sedona! When I mentioned I have to leave the house I am renting for 10 days as my landlady is coming back, three people in three different groups offered me to stay with them!

As someone who had almost no friend ten years ago and didn’t even know how to make friend, I have come a long way! Not only I do have friends, but also I have such confidence that I can make friends wherever I go! It is such a comfort and assurance—I am not alone, even I am totally by myself, and it, as corny as it sounds, warms my heart! Such warmness, even those fleeting moments, would stay forever, just as the colorful preserved woods, in the depth of my heart.
















(“polka dotted” rock!)


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Comments on: "184. Seeing Petrified Forest National Park, with Friends" (6)

  1. picture #5 and 6 look like a tortoise :).

  2. You are one of the friendliest people I know. Your heart is in the right place. Nature beckons and nurtures your soul🌍. I’m glad to have met you on the Petrified Forest trip🌄.

  3. Thanks Jeanie! I am so glad to meet you as well! Looking forward to hike with you, again, soon! 🙂

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