An adventure of my life time!


Wow! What a wonderful night I had! A friend I just made in Sedona took me on a full Moon hike in Wet Beaver Wilderness area. Oh my God. What an experience I had!

Web Beaver is a wilderness area located in Coconino National Forest not far from Sedona. It is beautiful in the day time—crystal clear creek, red rocks, black volcanic cliffs, open valley. But at night, under the Full Moon, the place turned into something even more magic! Too bad it was too hard to capture it on camera. I tried, many times, but nothing turned out decent enough to share.

I have done Full Moon hikes a number of times in my life. But here, in the total wilderness, without any man-made light in sight, the light was so much stronger. I couldn’t believe my eyes how bright it was and kept on saying “Oh my God”, like a fool! 🙂 But I don’t care being such a “fool”. It’s simply too beautiful to keep quiet. And I am sure Gary understood my silliness. He is an avid hiker and award winning writer. Understanding another outdoor lover’s excitement is his “job”. 🙂

We started hiking shortly after 5 and didn’t finish until close to 10! I am so grateful, to be able to witness such wonder of nature. Even though I have been hiking so much on my own, I wouldn’t hike in the middle of the night, in total wilderness, all by myself (no one was there except us).

After I came back home, I watched yet another wonder of nature—the Lunar Eclipse, right in my back yard! Tonight, I am going to join Full Moon Drum Circle (post#177) again with other friends. Life is great!









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Comments on: "185. Unbelievable Full Moon Hike at Wet Beaver Wilderness!" (6)

  1. I’m glad that you are so happy there! It almost feel as if you were in a different world from the rest of us who sit in an office typing, answering phones, and going to meetings the whole day :).

  2. Ching, I am inspired by your stories..keep writing. .you are amazing! and thanks for taking beautiful pictures of your hikes! I plan to hike them one day!

  3. Xiaoying yin said:

    Your moon photo are not bad at all.
    I like the blue water and red rocks!

    • Water seems like a big deal in AZ. Yeah, I like my moon pictures as well. I didn’t think I was able to capture it, but it turned out to be pretty good.

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