An adventure of my life time!


I’ve always loved the Moon! It is beautiful, mysterious, and romantic! As a “romantic fool”, I am always touched by the sight of the Moon, especially full Moon. Obviously, when there is a chance to enjoy the full Moon, the spectacular scenery and the sound of drum, I wouldn’t miss it.

I actually posted a few pictures of Full Moon Drum Circle at Cathedral Rock before (#177). Well, I am posting it again–I love it so much.

This time, I asked a few friends to go with me. We arrived before sunset, early enough to capture a few sunset pictures. The warm sunlight on Red rock took my breath away, as it happened again and again—I am finitely having a “Red Rock Fever” 🙂 And I know I am not going to “recover” anytime soon.

It was a little cloudy last night. We could see the outline of clouds lit up. Yet, it took a long time for the Moon to peek out. At times, it seemed the clouds moved up at same rate as the Moon, blocking its light.

“We probably did the wrong dance,” someone joked about it. We laughed, and danced harder. After we did the “right dance” for a while, the Moon finally peeked out. Partly covered by the clouds, it was so pretty, even more mysterious! A few young men and women performed fire juggling. It was very cool. I certainly enjoyed it very much. As long as I am in Sedona, I will try my best to attend all the Full Moon Drum Circles!












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  1. Xiaoying yin said:

    What a life!

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