An adventure of my life time!


(Courtesy from Bobbi)

“Wow! I don’t know what else to say other than adding a few more wow.” This is what I wrote on the comment after taking a hike with “Sedona Red Rock Hikers” to Bear Mountain.

Yes! We had an unforgettable hike—great group of hikers, stunning view, and nice weather. Okay, it was cloudy, not good for taking pictures, but it was great for hiking in a warm season. Even it was relative cool (compared to over 80, bright sunny days before and after), I could see my sweat dripped on the rock like rain drops. 🙂 I was so touched and appreciated when Jim, one of the organizers, brought icy cold water to us at the end of the hike!

Five miles round trip, 2,242 feet accumulated elevation gain—it took us 2 hours just to get up; and I was panting. 🙂 Our fearless leader Patrick was fast!

This wasn’t the first time I hiked the Bear Mountain. However, last time I didn’t reach the top. When I hiked on my own, I liked to hike in the late afternoon so that I could take sunset pictures. Since “Bear Mountain trail” is only 5 miles round trip. I assumed it wouldn’t take much longer than 2 hours. I started 3pm and I had to turn back around 4:30 since it was going to get dark in less than an hour (it was early January). I learned this from reading stories of mountain climbers—you turn back at certain time, enough for you to get down, even before you reach destination. I am glad I didn’t push on that day. It would be too dangerous to get down in the dark! All the scenic pictures here are taken from the day I hiked on my own.

I am so glad I was on top of Bear Mountain, with a group of fun hikers! What else can I ask for in life?










(Courtesy from Phil)


(Courtesy from Patrick)

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  1. Xiaoying yin said:

    A nice group!
    Is Courtesy an Asian?

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