An adventure of my life time!


I was so inspired by the wildness camping experience, I was eager to do it again the next day. I checked online before the trip about a desolated place called Factory Butte west of Hanksville. From the picture, it looked pretty interesting. I am a big fan of rocks and rock formations.

Well, the butte is interesting, standing tall, and alone in the desert. The eroded rocks are fascinating. However, against my original plan to camp there, I changed my decision. I chickened out! The area is so remote and desolated that I didn’t see a single human being there! I was keen to camp in the wildness again, but not without a single person, a tent or a car in sight! The wind was howling as if it was telling me to leave this wild place alone.

So, I listened. I went to camp in a modern campground in Hanksville. With nice green lawn to set up the tent, the clean bathroom with hot shower nearby, the onsite restaurant to use internet (without ordering anything), I don’t remember a better campground I’ve stayed. 🙂

Oh, without water for a day, hot shower seemed so wonderful, and as such a luxury. I think, it might be a good idea that once in a while we should all experience something as bare minimal so that we won’t take things like a hot shower for granted.















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Comments on: "189. Desolated Factory Butte, and Surrounding Areas" (2)

  1. Awesome pictures! In one of your pictures, there are some purple plants covering a large area on the ground. I wonder if these are the flowers or the plant itself is purple…

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