An adventure of my life time!


Even if you have never been to Monument Valley, you are probably familiar with the scenery. Monument Valley appeared in a lot of old western type of movies. It is the symbol of Wild West of the US.

When I reached Monument Valley the first day of this 10 days trip, it was too windy to set up the tent. I kept on going without visiting the park because I knew I would get another chance on my way back to Sedona.

However, even after more than a week, the wind was still very strong! I had never seen “dust storm” before. The sunny day became cloudy, simply due to the dust blowing up in the air! It was a little funny that at the beginning of my trip I said I wanted to “tumble by the wind”. 🙂 I guess you really have to think twice before you ask for something. For sure I was tumbling by the wind.

Monument Valley Tribal Park is stunning, no doubt. However, it is also a little frustrating for a hiker. There is only a 3 mile trail open to public; the rest you have to hire a guide. There is also a 17 mile scenic drive. I drove on the unpaved road for about 5 minute before I decided to walk! It was rocky and with strong wind, lot part of the road was covered by deep sand.

But hiking along the road with other vehicles under windy condition wasn’t the smartest thing to do, either! It was so dusty that I had to cover my face most of the time. The more than 8 mile walk became pretty miserable in the end. Yet I was happy I didn’t drive. I have seen several cars struggled in the deep sand. At one point, I went to help pushing a stranded car. It was stuck in the thick sand. I would definitely hate to be in that situation!









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