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Canyon De Chelly is the most “frustrated” (to a hiker) National Monument I have ever been to. It is a beautiful canyon where people lived for nearly 5000 years. There are two rim drives, ten overlooks, but only one short public trail to hike. You have to hire a local guide in order to hike the rest of the trails there.

I love National Parks and National Monuments; I have visited some of them a number of times. Yet, I doubt I will ever go back to Canyon De Chelly again. The things one can do are so limited.









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Comments on: "201. Canyon De Chelly: Not an Ideal Place for Hikers" (2)

  1. From your pictures, this is a beautiful place. Too bad it only have limited access.

    • There are still American Indians live down the canyon (Navajo people). I guess that is why it is restricted. I would love to hike at the bottom of the canyon, if it were allowed.

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