An adventure of my life time!


I have been traveling for more than 15 months now. As you can tell, I don’t mind hiking on my own and I have done just that most of the time. Yet, I also love hiking with others. I have been an organizer of a large hiking group in North Carolina for many years. Since I have been in Sedona for half a year and I have got to know more about the area, I thought it is time for me to “step up to the plate” and to pay back what I have enjoyed from all the hiking groups around the area.

So, I volunteered to be organizer of a meetup hiking group. When I set up the first event, I expected, as the weather was getting hotter and the group is relatively small (about 100 members), probably 3 or 4 people would signed up. Well, 14 people signed up and showed up! It was about 95F on that day. OK, I set it up as a sunset hike on Doe Mountain. Only the first hour was hot. The second half was actually pretty comfortable.

When more than half a dozen people signed up the event, I was so encouraged that I set up several more events. “After all,” I thought, “people here are not so afraid of the heat as I heard.”

Guess what? No one signed up two of those events (also in late afternoon) and only one was willing to go on the other (I also “recruited” a friend of mine and a neighbor to go with me)! I had to cancel one event and most likely the other one as well.

So here is my thought of the day: always expect the unexpected; and no matter what happens, have fun, whether there are 14 people to hike with or I am the only one! The next post will actually “prove” my point.

PS. The pictures were taken from Doe Mountain, at different times.











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