An adventure of my life time!


Boynton Canyon in the late afternoon was the second event I set up (Post #204). Since no one signed up, I had to cancel it. Yet, on that day, I went hiking on my own when I got up. Half an hour or so later, I met a couple from Seattle on the trail (I learned the second day that they are just friends). We walked and talked, all the way to the end of the trail. I felt so comfortable that I invited them to park (they had a camper van) at my place (the pictures here were taken outside of my place) and use my bathroom as they needed to that day and night.

The next morning, they cooked a delicious brunch. We sat in the backyard, by the side of the creek, under the shade, facing Cathedral Rock, talking until 2 in the afternoon! I was so surprised that we had so much in common—Dustin is a talented nature photographer and Loan loves writing! By the time they left, I felt I missed two good friends! (BTW, Dustin is such a brave young man that he actually saved two teenage swimmers’ life in the creek that afternoon).

This is what I have learned, again and again—friends come from strangers; all we need to do is to be open, and to take life event coming in our way as positive as possible—the unexpected cancellation of my hiking (Post #204) turned out to be a blessing in disguise. You never know whom you are going to run into on a trail or in life. If someone signed up the event, I would go hiking in the afternoon, but then I wouldn’t meet Dustin and Loan.

It is hard to believe that I used to have so much trouble meeting people. Nowadays, making friend is second nature to me. 🙂  Yet it is certainly not every day that we will find someone in common to talk to.






Comments on: "205. Sedona (13): Friends Come from Strangers" (2)

  1. Xiaoying said:

    Is these photo taken from your back yard?

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