An adventure of my life time!


After hiking in remote areas in Alaska by myself, I can hike pretty much any trail on my own. In the day time, that is. I wouldn’t hike at night all by myself! Even as a “crazy” hiker as I have been called, I still don’t feel comfortable being alone in darkness. But I do love hiking in the evenings. So what do I do? Well, set up an event and have others to hike with me. 🙂  And that’s exactly what I did—I hiked with half a dozen hikers during the “Big Moon”. The moonlight was so bright that we didn’t even need to use flashlight at all.

It was a magic night—mesmerizing moonlight, peaceful surroundings, an amazing shooting star… and sharing such wonder of nature with friends.

If you don’t feel comfortable to do something on your own, ask others to do it with you. 🙂






Comments on: "206. Sedona (14): “Big Moon” Hike with Friends" (2)

  1. These Moon pictures are so amazing. How come the Moon looks so much bigger and clearer than what we see at the east coast? I can’t imagine it is all due to light pollution from the city.

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