An adventure of my life time!

2014-069赏花拾趣0529 - 副本_调整大小

(It is a sample cover; the final cover will be slightly different)

“Enjoy Flower II” is in the final stage of  proofreading. It’ll be in press soon. What will be a better gift to my dad on Father’s Day than publishing a book with him?

Both my parents were professors of botany in China. When my mom had a stroke many years ago, she lost her ability to use her right hand and leg. What kept her going was my dad’s love for her and her passion for flowers. So both my dad and I took tons of pictures of flowers, just to make her happy and alive. As a botanist, my mom used those pictures in a scientific way and made a number of slideshows to share with friends. By the time my dad was diagnosed with late stage cancer, a good friend and student of my parents suggested us to publish a book using those flower photos and their scientific knowledge. This was a great way to remember my dad, to record my parents’ love for each other, for me, and my love for them! The beautiful flower book turned out to be more than just a “coffee table book”. It was a love story—their love for each other and our love as a family. The sad part is my dad never had a chance to see the published book!

After “Enjoy Flowers” published (in China), my mom and I started another project—“Enjoy Flowers II”. After all, we still had a lot of pictures and I have never stopped taking more photos. Working on the book became a goal for my mom and it kept her alive. Unfortunately, she passed away before the book was finished. So it was up to me to finish what we started together and that is what I did in the past year or so.

It is now three and a half years after my dad passed away, and more than a year and a half after my mom passed away, “Enjoy Flower II” is in its final stage of being published. As I wrote in the acknowledgement, I thank my dad and mom from the bottom of my heart, for their love, their care, their support, their help, their encouragement… It is such a fortune and privilege to be their daughter! If there were an afterlife, I hope I could be their daughter again! By then, we would meet amongst our beloved flowers, again!

Here are some of the pictures in “Enjoy Flowers II”. Happy Father’s Day, dad!


须苞石竹 Dianthus barbatus


百日菊 Zinnia elegans

(2-21)7.4.08(TN) 487西洋蓍草_调整大小

西洋蓍草Achillea millifolium


君子兰 Cliviaminiata


红距耧斗菜  Aquilegia skinneri


灯笼花 Abutilon pictum


天赐玉和天王球的杂交种 Gymnocalyciumpflanzii x G.denudatumArgentiniensis


假昙花  Hatiora gaertneri


牡丹 Paeonia suffruticosa


郁金香 Tulipa gesneriana


火红雪轮 Silene virginica


巴氏花 Sabatia bartramiana


荷包牡丹 Dicentraspectabilis


拟蝶唇兰 Psychopsis papilio

(13-8)DSC04114杏黄银树  _调整大小

杏黄银树 Leucospermum cordifolium ‘Aurora’

(13-11)DSC04129 帝王花_调整大小

帝王花 Protea cynaroides


凤凰木 Delonix regia

(14-2)DSC02241帝王袋鼠爪 _调整大小

帝王袋鼠爪 Anigozanthos ‘Regal Claw

(14-10)DSC03509多枝草海桐   _调整大小

多枝草海桐  Scaevola ramosissima


班氏银桦 Grevillea banksii


澳大利亚圣诞树 Nuytsia floribunda 


大舌菊 Leptinella pusilla 


耀眼豆 Swainsona formosa


繸瓣花 Thysanotus tuberosus


五翅莓  Agapetes serpens


欧洲银莲花  Anemone coronaria  


罂粟  Papaver somniferum


Comments on: "207. Happy Father’s Day—Publishing another Book with Dad" (4)

  1. Such a wonderful way to celebrate Father’s Day! I’m sure mom and dad would be happy if they can have you in their next life. I’m lucky to be your sister and I certainly wish that I will be with you, and mom and dad again in my next life.

  2. Xiaoying said:

    Beautiful Flowers. What a great gift for father’s day!

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