An adventure of my life time!


I danced, two nights in a row!

I used to love dancing so much that my online name is “dance fairy”! 🙂 Although I still talk about dancing with such passion, I don’t dance much anymore. I guess I love hiking even more.

Saturday night, I decided to check out a dance organized by a new friend I made while volunteer at Food Bank. I even posted it as an event, hoping more hikers would be interested in going. Well, no one signed up. But that didn’t stop me from going and it turned out to be such an enjoyable night. There were only a little more than a dozen people, but we danced, with passion and fervor. It was energetic—my hair looked like just being washed! I loved it! It reminded me, as I danced, the good old times when I was a dance fairy. 🙂

And I danced again, yesterday, in front of Cathedral Rock. We had so much fun at Full Moon Drum Circle a week ago that a few of us decided to create our own “drum circle”. Although lots of people signed up when I posted it as an event (and “recruited” a few from the dance the day before), other than the original few, only a couple of more showed up. I felt bad for the people didn’t show up, though. It was so much fun: we played drum, danced around, and stargazed, lying down on the ground. “Oh, I see one!” someone exclaimed, from time to time, when he or she spotted a shooting star. We have seen more than a dozen shooting stars!

Swaying and twirling at the sunset and in the dark, I indeed felt like a true dance fairy. 🙂








Comments on: "210. Sedona (17): Being a Dance Fairy :)" (6)

  1. Glad to see that you had so much fun, dancing and hiking, with all those nice people! Life is good and beautiful!

  2. Xiaoying said:

    Glad to see you got new friends there, enjoy!

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