An adventure of my life time!


I should’ve believed the saying that “there is always a rainbow after the rain”.

But I didn’t, I left a little too early.

I organized an event through the meetup hiking group to watch sunset and to stargaze at Cathedral Rock last night and invited several of my non-member friends. Boy, I picked the wrong date.

A couple of hours before the hike, dark clouds rolled in, with rambling thunders. We haven’t had any rain for many months now! And when I set up the event just a few days ago, the forecast predicted 0% chance of rain.

One by one members and some of my friends dropped out, but I still went, just in case someone showed up. I was right: my friend Gary showed. “I know you will be here,” he told me. He knows me well, even only knowing me for months.

We hiked up toward Cathedral Rock, in the rain, but pretty soon we turned back. The thunder and lightning seemed too close to be safe. Yet we didn’t want to give up completely so we walked on a lower level for awhile. By the time we left, dark, dark clouds still covered most of the sky.

On my way home, though, I watched the Sun peeking out the thick clouds. The red rocks blazed under the intense sunset. It was gorgeous. And pretty soon, a beautiful rainbow appeared in the pinkish sky.

I kept on thinking that we should’ve stayed longer. I should’ve believed the quotation: there is always a rainbow after the rain. And this saying reminded me a similar quote: there is always a smile after a tear.

I don’t know about “always”, but sure, sometime, there is a rainbow after the rain. All I need to do is to believe and to be patient. A smile or a rainbow will come, sooner or later, after the tear or the rain!






Comments on: "214. Sedona (19): “There is Always a Smile after a Tear”" (2)

  1. Xiaoying said:

    Beautiful view after rain!

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