An adventure of my life time!


Boynton Canyon is one of the most popular trails in Sedona. I’ve been there a number of times by now, early in the morning, late in the afternoon, alone, or with others. There are so much to see, especially if you go off trail. I was told that there are more than a couple of dozen ruins in the canyon. Personally, before yesterday, I’ve only went to one—one day I wandered off trail and happened to stumble upon one by surprise.

Yesterday, Gary, a friend of mine, took me to a hidden ruin back in the canyon. It was a hot day, over 95F. When we reached the normally crowded parking lot in the afternoon, there was only one car.

Beside the heat, a bear warning sign was posted at the beginning of the trail. Not too long ago, rangers had to kill a bear there simply because people fed the bear. A fed bear is a dead bear—we really should leave wild animal wild!

There is an unofficial trail to the ruin. However, it’s not easy to find. We bush whacked through dense scrubs. My arms and legs were scratched a few time; sweat dripped like rain drops. It wasn’t that much fun at the time, but the reward was truly worth the effort. A small, but beautiful ruin tucked away on the steep cliff of the canyon. A “spiral turtle” signified the importance of this hidden gem.

Whenever I’m in places like this, I feel grateful to be able to stand in front of those “secret places” in person. Not too many people, including me, without the help of a friend, will be able to find such undisclosed sights.













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  1. The right cliff in the fifth picture looks like a person (side view) :).

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