An adventure of my life time!


I’ve been to Loy Canyon several times (post #211, 217), but I’ve never been to the top of Loy Butte until two days ago.

There really isn’t a trail, only not-easily-recognizable path people tried to find their way up. Phil, my friend, had been there a couple of times with other hikers. But at places he had trouble finding our way. We ended up going through bushes, scrambling up the steep hill.

The bushes were so prickly that they left quite a few scratches on our legs. At one point, I brushed against a Prickly Pear Cactus. Oh, my God! There were several dozen small spikes stuck to my thigh which took me a while to take them all out! Luckily I only touched it lightly. Can’t imagine what would happen if I bumped into it, hard!

And it was a hot day. Even though the forecast predicted 90F. I knew it was way over when my sweat dripped like raindrops and my hair seemed to be washed, several times.

Although I didn’t take too many pictures since it was in the middle of the day when we reached the top, the view was fabulous, especially after lots of sweat and a little blood. 🙂 A number of ruins are scattered along the way and on top of the butte. I wondered why anyone would build their homes so high up, despite the awesome view. So much work, just to go home, after hunting or gathering. This will always a mystery to me.









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