An adventure of my life time!


Chapel of the Holy Cross is one of the most popular destination in Sedona. Most tourists, though, only step out of their cars, taking a few pictures from the parking lot. Sure, the view is pretty good from there. But the trails around the area is spectacular.

A couple of trails start from the Chapel (Chapel Trail, Mystic Trail). But there are a lot more trails you can loop around, making much longer hikes (Broken Arrow, Little Horse, Hog Wash, Hog Heaven, Twin Buttes…). Moreover, a number of unofficial trails branch from those trails—the choice is endless and the scenery is breathtaking.

I’ve been there countless times, hiking by myself, with hiking groups, or with friends.

One of my favorite off trail hidden gem is a “hole in the rock” my friend, Phil, to me to. I think, more precisely, it is a short tunnel of a few yards long. One end is pretty large, but the other end is so small than we had to crawl through. It is amazing and a lot of fun. Too bad, places like this is not easy to show with a picture. You just have to come here to see it with your own eyes. I don’t mind, when you are here, to be your “tour guide”. 🙂














Comments on: "224. Sedona (29): Trails around Chapel of the Holy Cross" (2)

  1. I could not see which one looks like holy cross.

    • Holy Cross is a chapel. All the trails I mentioned either start or around the area. You know me, I don’t like taking pictures of man-made things. 🙂

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