An adventure of my life time!

227. Sedona (31): Jeep Safari


Jeep tour is really popular in Sedona. There are several companies and each offers a number of different rides. I’ve never taken any since I’m a hiker, and a hiker supposes to use her feet.

Well, I joined a “Jeep Safari” organized by a hiking group. For once we were like all the tourists in town, riding, instead of hiking on those paths.

I used to wonder who would drive on those paths—rocky, steep, with all kinds of crevices. It seemed pretty crazy. And indeed it felt insane, at places, seemingly to get stuck or tip over! “If there is a harder way, why take the easy way” seemed to be the mantra. 🙂 It was fun. I am glad I let my feet rested for a day. 🙂



DSC06689 DSC06693





DSC06732 DSC06699 DSC06701 DSC06725 DSC06728



Comments on: "227. Sedona (31): Jeep Safari" (2)

  1. Xiaoying Yin said:

    The road looks really rough.

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