An adventure of my life time!


There are a number of trails in this area. An easy hike about 4 miles circles around Courthouse Butte and Bell Rock, which provides good views of these two famous rock formations, as well as distant views of the Chapel of the Holy Cross and Cathedral Rock.

I’ve hiked in this area many times, mostly by myself.

The very first time I went up Bell Rock was about six or seven years ago. During that trip, I traveled around AZ, NW and a little bit of TX for about 10 days. The last day of that trip was Christmas. I drove more than 300 miles from eastern AZ without being able to find an open park to hike.

By the time I reached Sedona, it was 2 in the afternoon. Eager to use the last several hours of the daylight, I hiked around the Bell Rock and went up in a hurry, without knowing anything about the area. There wasn’t any trail up the rock, but it seemed easy enough just to scramble. At one point, though, I got myself into trouble—I couldn’t go up or down anymore—I was stuck! I was hyperventilating and was so scared, even after everything was over.

That night, sleeping in the motel room, I kept on seeing myself rolling down the tall rock! It was the point that I realized that there is a balance between fear and fearless: life without taking any risk is boring, but putting oneself into dangerous situation without any preparation is pointless. Taking “calculated risk” is what I have been doing since then.















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