An adventure of my life time!


For some reason I left an impression to the hiking group that I am afraid of water. It is probably because I am not a big fan of creek crossing which is due to my dislike of walking in wet shoes, not to any fear of water.

In fact, before I became a “mountain and rock” girl, my only ability related to sport was swimming. There was a nice lake not too far away from my home when I was growing up in China. My dad used to take me swimming in the lake every day after school in the summer. I don’t care about manmade swimming pool that much, but I love swimming in the lakes or ocean. I used to stay passed the waves in the ocean for hours when I went to the beaches in North Carolina. Whenever I swim, those happy times with my dad still warm up my heart and I thank him every time for teaching me such useful skill and leaving one of the best memories of my childhood behind.

The “fear of water” impression was proven to be false yesterday when I hiked with the hiking group to West Fork Trail. 🙂 There, we had to cross the creek 26 times!

West fork of Oak Creek is named as one of the best trails in Arizona and one of the top 10 trails in the US! It is certainly a beautiful place, with colorful canyon walls rising hundreds of feet straight up and a picturesque creek running through the canyon. The trail is approximately 6.6 miles (round trip), with thirteen stream crossings each way. Because of the fire several months ago, the area has been closed until a couple of days ago. Luckily, it seemed the fire only did very little damage to this scenic canyon.















Comments on: "231. Sedona (35): Creek Crossing, Twenty Six Times" (2)

  1. Eugenia Valentine said:

    That was a good story and I’m glad to hear that O C trail area wasn’t too maimed by fire.

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