An adventure of my life time!


I’ve been hiking by myself a lot lately. Not that I don’t have any friend to hike with. But rather, it was a choice. Hiking alone was easier—it didn’t require any planning. And I would have plenty of quiet time to think—I have been trying to start writing a new story. Solitary in Mother Nature is the best way, at least for me, to think, to reflect, to boost creativity.

“Did you hike the old Mescal Trail or the new one?” Phil, my good friend, asked when he heard I hiked Mescal Trail. I’ve hiked Mescal Trail a number of times, but I didn’t even know there are two different trails in the same area. “Well, I’ll show you.” Of course, I wouldn’t resist hiking a new trail with an “old” friend. 🙂

Pretty soon I understood why it is called “Old Mescal Trail”—not long after the hike, the trail disappeared. We followed a not-so-great path for a little while, then we had to bushwhack. The view was great, especially on top of the mesa. Besides the grand view of the red rocks all around us, we also found a couple ruins, small arches, and holes in the rocks.

Although I love hiking alone, whenever I hike with a friend, I am very mindful of how lucky I am and so grateful to have good friends, old or new.











Comments on: "232. Sedona (36): Old Mescal Trail with “Old” Friend" (4)

  1. Xiaoying Yin said:

    Great view!

  2. Nice pictures and looks like a nice hike. Glad you are enjoying it here.

    • Yes, I love Sedona very much! The bad news is that one day I will have to leave here. I am so mindful that it is transient, which makes my time here even more precious.

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