An adventure of my life time!


Hangover is one of the most scenic but difficult to follow trails in Sedona. The trail leads up to a saddle dividing two large red rock formations thrusting out of the canyon, then follows along a knife edge right around the side of the rock, 200 feet above the canyon floor. I’ve hiked there twice by myself, from either end of the trail. Yet, both time, I lost the track and ended up missing the middle part of the trail.

A few days ago, I completed the trail, and did more. Not far from the official trail, another large rock formation with arches and windows seemed very intriguing. My friend, Phil, and I decided to check it out. We had to scramble up a steep hill, but it turned out to be such an amazing place. We have found four arches/windows, even climbed up a couple of them.

Staying inside a tiny “cave” with two “windows” on either side was inconceivable to describe. No picture can do it justice; no photo can adequately portrait this three dimensional space; no one can feel the thrill being in such a remarkable place unless he or she is right there. You have to come to experience it on your own. Well, when you come, get in touch with me. I will be more than happy to be your “tour guide”. 🙂

BTW, Hangover is also a mountain biking trail. I simply can’t figure out how one can bike on such rugged and steep trail. Hey, sis, there are people crazier than I am. 🙂
















Comments on: "234. Sedona (38): Amazing Arches and Windows near Hangover Trail" (2)

  1. Eugenia Valentine said:

    So cool. I love the hangover hike but I haven’t climbed into the arches as you did 😍. I would like to do that with you and Phil sometime. The last few days I’ve been having an issue with my left eye. I will have to keep watch on it as that’s the one I had the pterygium removed from last Fall. I may hike with the Westerners in West Fork tomorrow, if my eye is OK. I walked all along Oak Creek today down by where you live. Keep in touch, later Jeanie

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