An adventure of my life time!


I can’t believe I’ve been in Sedona for a year! I still remember clearly when I came down to this charming town on December 10th, 2013. While I was still traveling in UT, I noticed a small studio in Sedona for rent. Since I’ve been to this area twice before, I knew I wanted to stay here for an extended period of time. Three months, I thought, would be plenty for me to hike all the trails around the area. So I signed a 3-months contract with the landlady, with a possibility of extend. A year later, I am still here, in the same house. 🙂 I am definitely having a “Red Rock Fever” and I doubt I will be “cured” any time soon. I don’t want to be “recovered”. 🙂

The red rock around Sedona is amazing. One can spend half a day driving around the area to get a pretty good taste. However, one can also live a life-time exploring the wilderness, yet still won’t be able to see everything! The more I stay, the more places I discovered and even more sites I want to explore. This is the magic of Sedona—endless opportunities to view red rocks, to discover special rock formations, aches, windows, coves, and to find ruins, rock arts.

Also, anyone has seen the place I am renting understands why it is so hard for me to leave. The house is right next to a park and I have got the best view in Sedona—Cathedral Rock is in my backyard. I joked that I won’t leave unless my landlady kicks me out. 🙂 The pictures showed in this post were either taken right in the backyard or within five minutes’ walk.








Comments on: "236. Sedona (40): One-Year Anniversary" (2)

  1. So, no plans to return to Chapel Hill anytime soon?

    Happy holidays.

    Li Yan

    • No plan to return to NC anytime soon. Sedona has grabbed my heart and soul. 🙂 I am also very productive in this area–the flower book has been published in China, my first fiction will be published in less than a week in the US, just finished another fiction and I am working on the third! 🙂
      Happy holidays to you, too! I’ll see you whenever I return to NC. 🙂

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