An adventure of my life time!


If you asked me a month ago, I would tell you that I was going to stay in Sedona, forever, unless my land lady “kicked” me out. Well, she did—she raised the rent by 60%. I love Sedona, but I love to see the world as well. It is time to leave. She just gave me a push.

I can’t say enough good things about Sedona: Stunning red rocks all around it; Great weather that most people in other parts of the country would envy; Nice people and communities. In the past 13 months, not only I have seen so many spectacular sceneries, but also I have met so many great hikers (hiking groups), tenanted writers (writing salon), wonderful volunteers (Food Bank), and remarkable veterans (Coffee with Veterans Program). I am truly grateful to spend time in this amazing place. Hopefully, I will be back one day!

An ancient Chinese proverb translates as this: “There is no never-ending banquet under the sun.” It is time for me to part from the “party” and keep moving on. As a friend joked about it before, I am like a Tumbleweed. I have got stuck by the red rocks for more than a year. Now the wind is so strong, I am going to start “tumble” again. Where I am going to go next? Well, check my next blog in a few days. 🙂  “Red rock” won’t be the scene for a while.

























Comments on: "248. Sedona (48): Farewell Sedona!" (10)

  1. Good luck Ching and I will be following you on this site. Thanks for coming into my life amidst the red rocks of Sedona. I like your Chinese proverb too. I won’t say “bye” but happy travels and “good on you”. Later, JV

  2. Beautiful photos. You can always return. Happy trails to you, Ching. Last post rumored Hawaii.

  3. Looking forward to what’s next Ching!

  4. SAFE TRAVELS, Qing!!! I’ll look forward to hearing from you- Leslie >

  5. Xiaoying Yin said:

    Are these new photo? They are really, really great.
    You should pick a few to send for some competition..

    • Thank you, Xiaoying. Some of them are new, but most I have posted before. When I settle down again in the future, I will think about competition. Too busy now. 🙂

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