An adventure of my life time!


My luck changed when I found a pretty nice place to stay. It is more expensive than the first one, but I really want to make sure I will be safe and have a good place to call “home” for the next 10 days or so.

The weather wasn’t too great. The forecast called for rain/shower every day, from 50% chance to 100%! Not only it is not comfortable to hike in the rain, but more importantly, it is impossible to take pictures. I ruined a camera in the rain before. Certainly don’t want to ruin another one.

That’s why I was so pleased when the rain stopped as I entered Lava Tree State Monument. It is a small park with a loop trail less than 1 mile. In the park, you could see “trees” made of lava. “This unusual volcanic feature is the result of a lava flow that swept through this forested area and left behind lava molds of the tree trunks.” The pictures were dark, certainly not my favorite color. But I was glad I was able to take some pictures. Rain came back right after I left the park.







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