An adventure of my life time!


I have seen plenty of petroglyphs in Sedona. But PuuLoa is the largest petroglyph field in the State of Hawaii so I have to take a look. A short walk (1.4 mile) from the Chain of Crater road will take you to this scared and religious place for many people of Hawaii.

But to me, this short hike turned out to be much longer—I took a wrong trail first. J It is totally my fault, of course. Since it is such a short trail, I didn’t pay any attention. On the simplified map, there is only one trail in the area. So I started walking, without checking, without taking anything with me except the camera. The trail just kept on and on. I would see cairns in the distance and I kept on thinking the next one would be it. After a while, I knew it was more than 0.7 mile, but I hated to go back “empty-handed”. More than an hour later I had to turn back. It wasn’t a hot or sunny day, yet, without water for more than several hours isn’t a good idea. Luckily I didn’t keep on “chasing” petroglyphs on this trail. It goes a long way for many miles.

Lesson of the day: pay attention, even it is a short hike.












Comments on: "256. Hawaii Volcanoes National Park (2): A Long “Short-hike” to See Petroglyphs" (2)

  1. Awesome👍 I saw some today at Ledge House in Sedona. There are a bunch of really good ones just a short walk from a beach resort near Kona also. Wish I could remember the hotel name. 🌺 Aloha🌴

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