An adventure of my life time!


The first time I visited Volcanoes NP a few days ago, a park recommended me to come back in the evening. In the day time, we can only see smoke running out of Halema’uma’u Crater, the main crater in the park. But in the dark, I was told that we can watch glow from the crater.

And the ranger was absolutely right. It is amazing to see the crater lit up in the dark. I was surprised to find so many people showed up in the evening (probably close to a hundred). I thought perhaps only a handful of people would come out in a cloudy and cold evening. It is an incredible sight. I am so glad I went.



The following pictures were taken from a film played at the visitor center. Since not too many people, including me, will be able to witness the flow of steamy hot lava, I am going to show the pictures.











Comments on: "257. Hawaii Volcanoes National Park (3): Night Life" (3)

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  2. HI Qing, I’m enjoying your new environs!! Thanks for continuing to post. And please be careful!! -Leslie

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