An adventure of my life time!


This is my last day on the Big Island of Hawaii. I left Pahoa, driving along the southwest of the island and stopped a couple of scenic sites such as Panaluu Black Sand Beach (saw Green Turtles there) and South Point Park.

I arrived at Linda’s home again in the afternoon. She had a couple of friends visiting her. We sat in her back yard, talking and watching whales. I wasn’t kidding when I said meeting her was the highlight of my trip. It is such a pleasure and luck staying with her and her husband.

Honestly, my impression of the Big Island isn’t too positive. It rained everyday during the past two weeks, sometime for few minutes, most of the time for the whole day. The sky was gray; the earth is covered by black lava; the ocean was dark blue most of the time. It is too dark and gloomy to my taste. I am actually glad that I am leaving. It is not a place I will ever visit again. I will miss Linda, though. She is such a kind person!








Comments on: "264. Last Day on the Big Island" (4)

  1. tim armstrong said:

    Sorry you have not enjoyed the Big Island Ching. Sharon and I loved the week we spent there in November 2010. The snorkeling was fantastic and the bio-diversity of the island is wonderful. Love your pictures and have enjoyed following your adventures.

  2. Xiaoying Yin said:

    Finally, you have a photo that showing blue sky and blue colored water.

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