An adventure of my life time!

265. Aloha, Maui


I am in Maui now. It takes only 40 min flight from the Big Island to Maui. A handsome young pilot sat next to me. We got to talk a lot about travel. A short flight became even shorter. 🙂

My first impression of Maui is better than the Big Island. At least it was sunny! And the scenery seemed better too, as far as I saw in the first day.

Since I only had half a day, I decided to drive around and stopped at different places. From the airport (OGG), I drove south and then went around the west part of the island. The beaches along the west side is pretty. But the very first picture I took, I got my shoes wet! I had walk in flip flop for the rest of the day.

Not only the scenery is pretty, but also I got to see whales several times along the coast. At one time, there were three of them, playing together. Of course it is not easy to get a good shot. I am lucky enough to capture a glimpse of one.

The beaches are nice, but the road is very busy. Lot of people along the west side. But then, after a while, there were less and less people. On rental car’s map, a stretch of road on the northwest of the island isn’t allowed to drive. I wondered why and curiosity got the best of me. 🙂 I kept on driving. Soon I understand why it is not allowed. The road is windy with signs of falling rock all along the way. The worst part is it is so narrow; at places, it is called “one lane” road, but it is for two way traffic. I was nervous driving on this dangerous stretch. Luckily there were only a couple of cars coming from the other direction. It is not easy to pass on such narrow lane.










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  1. Happy to see you in Maui🌺‼️

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