An adventure of my life time!


Lao Valley State Park is a lush valley in West Maui, only minutes away from the hostel I am staying.

The Lao Needle, a vegetation-covered lava remnant, rises 2250 feet from the sea level. This green-mantled rock is often viewed as an icon of Maui. And it is pretty impressive. However, the park is tiny! It takes 10 minutes to walk the whole place! Unlike other states, parks in Hawaii seem to be small with very short trails. I don’t know whether it is due to preservation of the land or other reasons. It would be great to have a trail leading to the Needle or the lush mountain side.

The photos below include the views from another small park and a plantation nearby.









Comments on: "269. Lao Valley State Park and the Surrounding Area" (4)

  1. Beautiful. I’m enjoying your journey:-)

  2. Are those small red fruits on the palm trees edible? Have you been seeing many tropical fruit trees and other fruit plants growing in the wild, or are they mostly confined to farms?

    • I am not so sure whether those red fruits are edible or not. I haven’t seen any tropical fruit tree in the wild. Things in Maui are very expensive, even fruits. That’s something I didn’t expect. On the Big Island, at least the fruits are relatively cheap.

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