An adventure of my life time!


I didn’t plan to take any tour. Hiking was all I was going to do. However, after hiking several trails in Kokee State Park and looking down the amazing Na Pali Coastline, I changed my mind. It would be great if I could take some pictures at sunset from a boat.

So I took a sunset cruise. Well, the pictures didn’t turn out as good as I hoped. It was a little cloudy when we reached the best part of Na Pali. And it was so hard to take any picture on a boat! The sea was quite choppy. With one hand holding on the railing, it was difficult to take picture with only one hand.

Nevertheless, the boat ride was wonderful. We saw close to a dozen whales, dozens of dolphins, a couple of mountain goats, several turtles… The dolphins were so playful and lovely. They swam along our boat for quite a while. I have seen half a dozen dolphins swimming along a boat in New Zealand before. But this time, there were several dozens of them! It was quite an experience.

DSC00925-001 - Copy











DSC00871-001 - Copy


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