An adventure of my life time!


Although Yellowstone has very diverse landscapes (tall mountains, forests, canyons, rivers, lakes, waterfalls), the most famous of the park is the thermal features such as geyser, hot spring, and mud pool. And of all the geysers, Old Faithful is the best known. It erupts every couple of hours, almost precisely. One can check with the visitor center to find out the time (plus, minus ten minutes).

Not only the Old Faithful is impressive to watch, the area near it covers with all kinds of geysers and hot springs. Personally, I love Grand Geyser (which erupted several times a day, each time for more than ten minutes) and any pools with bright color (such as Belgian). I walked to every single geyser and hot spring I could find on the map. Once again, I was like a little girl lost in her favorite candy shore. 🙂


Old Faithful

DSC01738(Heart Spring)

Heart Spring

DSC02419(Chinese Spring)

Chinese Spring

DSC02429(Blue Star Spring)

Blue Star Spring

DSC02438(Pump Geyser)

Pump Geyser

DSC02462(Doublet Pool)

Doublet Pool

DSC02479(Beach Spring)

Beach Spring

DSC02497(Spasmodic Geyser)

Spasmodic Geyser

DSC02533(Grand Geyser)

Grand Geyser

DSC02658(Grotto Geyser)

Grotto Geyser

DSC02688(Wave Spring)

Wave Spring

DSC02691(Economic Geyser)

Economic Geyser

DSC02685(Chromatic Pool)

Chromatic Pool

DSC02703(Crested Pool)

Crested Pool

DSC02502(Belgian Pool)

Belgian Pool












Comments on: "296. Yellowstone NP (2): Geysers and Springs in Old Faithful Area" (2)

  1. Awesome pics. I saw that area last year but missed some others due to such heavy tourist traffic that I couldn’t find a parking spot. I bet this is a great time to visit.

    • On one hand, spring is a good time to visit. There are not too many people. However, it really depends on the weather. I was lucky to have good weather for a few days. Now it is snowing!

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