An adventure of my life time!


There are so many wildlife in Yellowstone National Park. You will see them if you spend just a day in the park. Of course, being able to take a good shot of any is a totally different story.



For sure you will see Bison. At first it was exciting, but after seeing them every day, and as they stroll so slowly and block the way, it was actually annoying. They are definitely not the prettiest animals.



Curious ground squirrel


Adorable golden-mantled ground squirrel




Mule deer



Cute pronghorn


A fat black bear (her cub was nearby, but I couldn’t take any picture before he disappeared)



A lone coyote searching for food on snow







Comments on: "299. Yellowstone NP (5): Abundant Wildlife" (4)

  1. Good wildlife pictures! 😍‼️

  2. Xiaoying Yin said:

    I hope you took those bear and coyote pictures in the car.

    • I took the coyote pictures close to my car. There were quite a few people around when I took the bear pictures. The bears were on the other side of a creek. Of course, if they wanted to, it was easy for them to cross. Normally, those animals don’t really care about us, as long as we don’t startle them or get too close.

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