An adventure of my life time!


These pictures were taken from the areas between Madison and Old Faithful. I just love taking pictures of hot springs. Hope you will enjoy them as well. 🙂


DSC02254(Fountain Paint Pot)

Fountain Paint Pot



DSC02664(Punch Bowl Spring)

Punch Bowl Spring

DSC02671(Black Sand Pool)

Black Sand Pool

DSC02721(Black Opal Springl)

Black Opal Spring

DSC02723(Black Diamond Pool)

Black Diamond Pool

DSC02741(Sapphire Pool)

Sapphire Pool


DSC02753(Rusty Geyser)

Rusty Geyser

DSC03350(Artemisia Geyser)

Artemisia Geyser


DSC03371(Gem Pool)

Gem Pool


Morning Glory (my favorite!)


Sunset Lake




Comments on: "302. Yellowstone NP (8): Geysers and Hot Springs, One More Time" (2)

  1. Xiaoying Yin said:

    Do you wrote down the name when you taking photo? How do you remember their names? Morning Glory is my favorite too!

    • I can only remember a handful of names. At each hot spring/geyser, I took the sign with the name first. This is the same way when I went to Botanical Gardens to take pictures of flowers.

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