An adventure of my life time!


Okay, you’ve got to use some imaginations here. I really don’t have any good picture. It was a dark, cloudy day. Yet, I am compelled to tell you about East Glacier. The Two Medicine area in East Glacier is spectacular! This part of the park is much less unknown than West Glacier. But it is no less remark. I loved the pyramid-shaped mountain peaks. There was no one. I hiked more than 10 miles in the mist without seeing a single soul. The pristine nature almost brought tears in my eyes. I can only imagine how beautiful it is when the sun shines.

I am planning to return in the fall when I am on my way back from Canada. Not too many places that I am so eager to revisit.


















Comments on: "311. Glacier National Park (2): East Glacier" (4)

  1. I envy that you have the whole place to yourself. Really? Or was that only on your hikes? Please be very aware of bears, everyone tried to make noise and hike with someone else because of the Bears there. My favorite hike was to Grinnel Glacier – absolutely gorgeous – Outstanding!! I also saw a big moose, many big horn sheep on that trail & it is 8 or 11 miles RT. There is supposed to be another great hike named Iceberg Lake or something like that. I camped two nights at Two Medicine and had a great camp and bonded with some people from Israel. I took the boat across the lake to hike to some waterfalls. Enjoy your solitude, soon the tourists will fill up the campgrounds.

    • It was such a dark cloudy day and I was there pretty early in the morning. I didn’t see anyone on the trail until I finished the 10 mile+ hike (around Two Medicine Lake and more). I am very much aware of bears. I have bear spray with me at all time. But I do enjoy the solitude. The feeling of having the whole place to myself is incredible!

  2. Awesome, I knew you were aware but that protective instinct made me say it anyway. I was there in July 2014. I may return another time in May or September – I like the idea of less people being there. There was a full moon here last night and it reminded me of the full moon drum circles at Cathedral Rock 😊.

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