An adventure of my life time!


These are the pictures I took during the three days camping trip. As I promised, there is a picture of a bear. J In fact, I saw a bear right outside of the campground. Luckily the camping area was protected by an electric fence. I can’t imagine if there wasn’t one!


This is the first time I was able to take a picture of a porcupine. They seemed very shy and they always hide as soon as they had a glimpse of people. But this particular one just walked slowly along the path.



I love taking pictures of coyote. They are lonesome but curious creatures.



Who is this cutie?



I have seen bighorn sheep years ago in the same area.



Comments on: "315. Banff National Park (3): Wildlife" (4)

  1. Nice Pictures. R u working now in Canada?

    • No, I am not working. But I am volunteering in Canada. Working needs work permit. It is much harder. As an American citizen, I don’t need visa nor working permit to volunteer in Canada.

  2. Cutie is a male Harlequin duck, also known as sea mouse for its squeaking voice.

  3. Great. Thanks, Brian. Keep being my bird expert 🙂

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